History of 'Ye Olde Convent Dalwallinu'
The old convent was originally built in 1923 by one of the districts pioneering families Meredith Roberts' as a private residence for his family which overlooked the Dalwallinu town site from the South.
In 1933, 10 years later it was acquired by the Roman Catholic Church and was operated as a convent day school and boarding facility for girls until 1968.
In the 1960’s a newer section, next to the original building was added to the east, a church room and 2 classrooms, it was then used as the district Catholic Church until 1972.
From 1972 until 1987 The Old Convent was privately owned.
In 1987 Jonni & Helga Harms purchased the buildings and 20 hectares of land. They then renovated the buildings.  A second storey with extra accommodation was added with a wooden stair case acquired from the Foy and Gibson store in Perth.
The building was opened as a Tourist Accommodation Lodge by Ernie Bridge on the 12 October 1991.
On 1st July 1988 the property sold to Jamie & Linda Falls, and was run as a bed and breakfast until 2004. From 2004 the Bed & breakfast section of The Old Convent was shut down and Jamie and Linda, along with their children lived in the main building using it as their private residence.
In April 2013 Steven and Lee Anne Carter purchased The Old Convent and surrounding land.  After renovations and a revamp to some of the rooms, The Old Convent is now back up and running as an Accommodation & Function Centre Managed by Kirsty, their daughter.
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